Sockmix Messenger v.1.0

If you are a user mig33, so it feels comfortable when using a phone to do online. Another case when you chat using web will definitely slow. Well so how if we want to chat using a PC but not slow and can perform activities comfortably.

The answer is by application sockmix messenger. This application is like like mig33 mig33 messenger that can chat with a PC without a login on the website.

Here is a screen shoot.

Sockmix messenger on login page. Simpe just enter you id and password and then sign in.

Chat menu and room menu, same like yahoo messenger. Easy to private chat or room chat.

Wonderfull, this application also can view your photos. Same like on Mobile Version

Overall this application is quite satisfactory, because it can do private chat or chat room smoothly.

You can download this application on the link bellow.

Download Soakmix Messenger for Mig33 PC user Rar

Note :

Run registrator.exe on OCX folder before run this application.

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